Gigi Hadid

The Victoria’s Secret Model, famous for her glamorous campaign appearances for the world’s top fashion houses, is surprisingly also famous for being able to appreciate fashion solely on it’s comfort and look, regardless of how famous the name behind it is.

This is why it is so common to see her modeling some incredible (yet cheap!) outfits that not only make you impressed, but having the urge to click and grab a few of them for yourself.

Click on the    symbol to check out the garment in full, and possibly get one yourself!

Kendall Jenner

Despite trying to keep a distanced impression, being the fashion queen of the Kardashian-Jenner family, Kendall shares the love for the affordable, comfortable and timeless nature of basic, always-in-style designs.

Kim Kardashian

With a flashy, attention grabbing and unique fashion style that represents her so well, Kim is often seen wearing the most daring of outfits with colors one could only find online, and so does she. With surprisingly affordable price tags, Kim proves that making a statement is all about your choices – not your wallet.


With a smile and positivity that only Queen B can so contagiously show, Beyonce is often making the choice towards the unique, regardless of the fame the name behind it carries.

Making a bold statement: your look should fit your mood, not your status.

Jennifer Lopez

Taylor Swift

Cara Delevingne

Bella Hadid